' Galatea Effect - Galatea Effect Series

Galatea Effect

Having had the good fortune to experience many of the world’s most exciting and legendary wines, we’re intimate with the attributes that set these wines apart. Complexity, persistence, elegance, intensity, and depth.  You know these wines when you experience them.

Wines like this aren’t made by accident.  Attention to detail, every detail, is absolutely critical.  There is a fundamental truth which we wholeheartedly embrace, “Compromises jeopardize”.  Thus, we make no compromises.  Each decision made from the vineyard, to the barrel, to the bottle, focuses solely on quality, and quality alone, despite the cost or inconvenience.

The vision for the Galatea Effect series, our flagship portfolio of wines, focuses on the noble varietals.  Included in the portfolio are the Genception of Giants, a prodigious Syrah boasting incredible depth, stunning aromatics, richness and intensity; and Laminar Flow, a compelling and intellectual Pinot Noir, crafted in an alluring and elegant style.